About Us

Message from The Principal

On behalf of Kanazawa University Senior High School (KUSH), I would like to express deepest appreciation for visiting our web-site on Super Global High School (SGH) Program.
The SGH program is selected and funded by Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MEXT) Japan for five years to educate future global leaders. Historically, KUSH was established as the first gifted and talented senior governmental high school in science. KUSH SGH program aims at “Promoting Global Leaders to change the World through Innovation from HOKURIKU". The program consists of four Inquiry Project Activities with concentric circle: Global Area Studies; Intercultural Studies; Global Proposals; Global Career Paths.

Principal of KUSH

Our goals

Our high school aims at global-sized education. Living in the global society, we raise responsible students who can coexist with the global ecosystem as well as create colorful cultures.

School size

We have 9 classes, 377 students.
(first glade 125, second grade 125、third grade 127)


January 1945Special science class was established in Kanazawa Higher Normal
School (pre-war public school that trained teachers).
May 1947Old-education-system junior high school attached to Kanazawa Higher Normal
School was opened.
April 1952Renamed to High School attached to
Department of Education of Kanazawa University.
April 1992Appointed as a target school by the Education Ministry in a special Project.
September 1993Launched study program in Beijing, China.
July 1998-July 2001Conducted study program in Sydney, Australia.
April 2008Renamed to Kanazawa University Senior High School.
2009 & 2010Appointed by the government as a model high school in a project for
study of new teaching guidelines for integrated learning.
March 2010Restarted study program in Taiwan.
April 2014Appointed as “Super Global High School” by the government.