Kisaragi Festival held on Thursday, February 7th

To show their gratitude, the first-year students celebrated the coming graduation of the third-year students. The first-year students held a school drama, quiz tournaments and screened videos for each departmental activity. In the drama, they portrayed some of the teachers. In addition, all school members participated in a promotional video. The day was extremely exciting for everyone. We can now look forward to the future planning of events when they become second-year students. We are sure that the future first-year students will be motivated for future Kisaragi Festivals, which will give an equally wonderful memory to all people involved.

The 71st Annual School Festival

The 71st Annual School Festival was held on Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st.Although the preparation time this year was shorter than usual, everyone cooperated and worked together so that the event was done efficiently.There was a new “change” in the ticket office this year, but transactions and accounting were able to run smoothly despite this new trial run.As usual, there were many events. This year’s kabuki play was “Banchyousarayashiki.” The brass band held a mini concert in the music room, and there was a very exciting and energizing “after-party.”
We were fortunate to have had good weather, and many visitors came to the event.

Song Festival Held on July 19th

This year a festival of songs featuring a variety of choral music was held. The music included songs from animations and commercials, as well as a cappella performances. Although students had only a short practice period, the high degree of concentration during their practice showed in their vocal performances.
The Grand Prize went to 3rd-year’s Group B, for their performance of “Kamome.”
The 2nd prize was given to 3rd-year’s Group C, for their performance of “Oyashirazu, Koshirazu.”
The 3rd-year’s Group A received the 3rd prize for their rendition of “Sousei no Akuerion.”
Ms. Narisawa of Group C won the Best Conductor of the Year award.
Students chose Group C as the winners and recipients of the “Fuzo-kun Award.”

Athletic Meet in June

An athletic meet mainly organized by the second-year students was held on June 7th. We had the good fortune to have had beautiful weather on that day. The cooperation between the student council, all department managers and the broadcasting station was very successful, and everything went smoothly.
A new and hugely successful feature of the event was the participation of more girls from the third-year class enthusiastically cheering their support. We also had some teachers participate in races, and students had a real fun cheering the teachers.
Having watched the seniors’ work, hopefully we are going to have another success at the next year’s athletic meet.

A special combined class was held on Monday, May 7th

The instructor was Mr. Tase Kazuo from SDGs Partners. His lecture was entitled, “My Career in the World and Passing on my Experiences to You.” In the lecture, he talked about how and why SDGs Partners was created and built up. He also spoke about his observations during his time as a staff member for the United Nations. SDGs are now a popular topic in the world, and the 72nd students are going to work on it at the integrated study class. His speech definitely gave some ideas to students for the future goals.