The 1st “Global proposals”(English presentation) with students from Lehigh University

On June 11th, our second grade students made their first presentation in English as part of the “Global proposals” project.

In this project, our students are going to hold an international conference in November, entitled “Food Security-How to Feed the World in 2050”. They will take part in the mock conference as representatives of 14 countries. As the first step, our students conducted their first English presentation.

The theme was “Opinions and reasons on genetically modified products”
Each of 14 countries gave five-minute presentations with Q&A sessions in English.
The goal at this stage was ”Be able to make your (country’s) position clear and express it in English”. Professor Timothy Cauller and four students from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, joined the presentations and gave constructive comments on the topics. Our students received high commendation from Professor Cauller.