72nd commemoration festival

On October 19th and 20th, the school held the 72nd commemoration festival celebrating the founding of the school. Heavy rain occurred on the 19th, but the 20th was a refreshing autumnal day and many supporters and friends came for the festivities. Based on the theme of “Running up the hill,” each person contributed to what was a wonderful event.
The 2nd-year students, with the cooperation of Umewaka Engeki Ishoten, had been rehearsing since July to stage the kabuki play, “Koibikyaku Yamato Orai Fuinkiri.” They put on a superb performance. Ms. Suzuki played the role of Hachiemon, and it was the first time in the school’s history that a female was a cast member in one of its kabuki plays. The kabuki, all of which was organized and run by the students, was introduced in an article in the “Koukousei Shimbun.”
Each club ran a refreshment booth or game corner. While most clubs repeated last year’s activities, the tennis club held a new simulation game called, “Real Escape Game,” which had an enthusiastic response from kids who played it.
The Midnight Festival featured teachers as cast members presenting “Ossan’s Love,” which had a tremendous reaction from the audience. In addition, “Kanazawa Tsuka Paradise Orchestra,” united teacher and student volunteers in an exciting musical performance.