Study Trip to Singapore

From January 12 (Sunday) to January 17th (Friday), the 2nd year students went on a study trip to Singapore. Even though it was January, there was no snow, so the trip was made safely.
In Singapore, the students were able to experience and learn about multi-culturalism through mainly three kinds of activities:
1. an exchange with local schools
2. a cross border experience in Malaysia
3. self-directed study.
At the Kaplan School, students gave presentations and took part in discussions on topics they had been working on for almost one year. Despite some difficulties, which helped add to the multi-cultural experience, many points could be learned through this experience.
In Malaysia, the students participated in group homestays. The farmers in the village showed us how to collect gum from a gum tree and how to pick up a palm fruit, both of which had made their life better. Also, students ate local food cooked by the homestay mothers and interacted with the families, and some of them were fortunate enough to experience Dorian fruit!! “CONGKAK”, Malay’s traditional game, fascinated students, too.
At the last day, each group followed their own individual schedules. According to many students, interacting with the local people and using public transportation was the best way to experience a different culture.