About the 73rd Kisaragi Festival

On Thursday, February 6th, Kanazawa University Senior High School held its Kisaragi Festival. The festival was a farewell party for the 3rd-year students, who are presently busy preparing for entrance examinations and the graduation ceremony.
This year’s concept for the festival was “Spinning,” and colorful decorations
adorned the school, creating a fun atmosphere for the revelry. The program consisted of a quiz tournament, the minors’ claim, a video message from each club activity, a slideshow of memories of the 3rd-year students, video messages from the homerooms, and a play, entitled “High School Cinderella.” There are several scenes 3rd-year students enlivened the play and cheered up the casts.
Since the festival was totally different from the things happening in their usual everyday life, and they were able to show their true characteristics, students enjoyed the events very much. It also gave the students a needed break from their daily hard work. The 3rd-year students enjoyed looking back on their school life.
The event was a great success. And so, with this, the 3rd-year students head for their final exam. They have worked so hard, and this will no doubt lead to great results. Good luck, 3rd-year students!!