72nd Poster Session Held by 2nd Year Students

On Wednesday, July 10th, the 2nd year students held a poster session related to their research on global issues.
Last year, they had finished their research on regional issues, and since January of this year they have been doing research on global issues. With the aim of developing SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) the students started their research on a variety of the most vexing problems selected among many.
Posters were created and poster sessions on their research and surveys were conducted. Unlike previous interim presentations, students from other grades were invited as guests to the presentations.
It was a satisfying experience to convey through the posters and the presentations new information to the guest students. There were many questions raised during the Q&A session after the presentations. There were also quite a few blunt opinions written on the comment sheets.
With these comments in mind, and after a video interview with the ACCU at the end of July, the 2nd year students hope to make progress in developing a better proposal.
These presentations by their seniors will hopefully act as a stimulus to the 1st year students who are currently doing their research on regional issues.