First WWL research conference

Since 2019, this school has been designated as a base school of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science and Technology’s WWL (World-Wide Learning) Consortium Support Project, with Kanazawa University as the administrative institution. Only 10 high schools in Japan have this designation.
On Saturday, February 22nd, 2020, the school held its first WWL research conference. Open classes on “Foundation International Liberal Arts,” “English,” and “Mathematics” were held in the morning.
The “Foundation International Liberal Arts” class was conducted with the theme of international understanding based on “FACTFULNESS.” In the “English” lesson, a CLIL class was held in collaboration with Japanese history and geography. The “Mathematics” lesson was given to the understanding of the spread of infectious diseases mathematically, based on methods learned from Dutch educators in mathematics.
In the afternoon, the first-year students made presentations based on comprehensive research they did for their “Regional Issues Study,” while the second-year students presented their “Global Issues Research.” (In addition, on February 21st, all first-year students held a “Poster Session for Companies,” which also had great success).
Approximately 100 people from within and from outside the prefecture attended, and many meaningful questions were asked. We thank all those who participated in this lively event.