“4-school English Research Presentations” and Presentations to Kanazawa University Foreign Exchange Students

On Saturday, January 11th, 2020, students from Fuzoku High School, Izumigaoka High School, Nisui High School and Kanazawa Nishi High School gathered and held a “4-school joint research presentation.” Students from each school reported on the results of research they had conducted and exchanged viewpoints with their peers. All first-year students, as well as five second-year students, from Fuzoku High School participated in the event. It was an exciting gathering, and many of the presentations were overwhelmingly excellent. The students returned to their respective schools, ready to take on new challenges!
In December and January second-year students also invited international students from Kanazawa University to listen to poster presentations in English. The presentations were given on topics related to Sustainable Development Goals, which the students had been working on throughout the past school year. The demonstrations were a good rehearsal for presentations given by the students during their school trip to Singapore.