Regional revitalization projects

On Friday, November15th, and Friday, November 22nd, the first-year students presented the results of their reports concerning regional revitalization projects. This year, twenty-one projects were initiated, and fieldwork had been repeatedly undertaken since April. The research and study saw the sprouting of great innovation among high school students. One group, in cooperation with the local shopping district, completed an eco-map of the area, while another team initiated and ran an art festival. With help from a nearby confectionary shop, another group made ice-cream using local fruit and actually sold it at our school.
People representing organizations such as the Japan Financial Corporation and the Kanazawa Youth Chamber of Commerce greatly appreciated the presentations and made suggestions for future research
The question-and answer session following the presentations became quite heated at times, but serious discussions were held by youths who one day will be the leaders of society.
In January, many high schools in Kanazawa, including Izumigaoka High School, Futami High School and Nishi High School, will hold a presentation at our school. This will be a great opportunity to share ideas with many other students. Our school will also hold a poster session in February with company workers, summarizing the impact their efforts can have on society.